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We require a referral from either a GP, Palliative Care doctor, Oncologist or other relevant care provider.

Please provide your details and we will contact you to discuss the study and referral process. 


Alternatively please send referral letters to


In order to be considered for enrolment into the EMMAC study we will require a referral from a clinician with:

- a full medical/psychiatric history
- current medications list
- basic blood work up (FBC, EUC, LFT)
- urine drug screen
- a recent ECG

If recent blood work, urine drug screen or an ECG are unavailable or cannot be completed by the treating clinician then we will arrange these tests as part of the screening visit.

If the inclusion/exclusion criteria are met after initial screening, the participant would have to completely wean off any antidepressant or other exclusionary medications they may be taking before enrolment in the study. This would have to be done carefully, with the supervision of the prescribing clinician.


Thank you!

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